Why To Rekey Your Locks

Rosalynn Carter once said, “There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure home.” This saying should be the cardinal rule for any homeowner, and as such, a reminder that maintaining the security of our home is of the utmost importance in order to preserve the safety of our loved ones and treasured possessions. One of the simplest and most cost-effective strategies to strengthen any home security system is to rekey the locks rather than install new ones. But, how can you know for sure when it’s time to rekey your locks?

Below is a list, in no particular order, of the most common events that signal to a homeowner that they need to have the locks to their house rekeyed.
After Moving Into a New Home

Once you move into your new home, the old is quickly replaced with the new. Everything is transformed to suit your unique needs and tastes as a homeowner. You have the walls repainted, the rooms refurnished, and you begin to make a place that you can truly call home. But is it really “yours” when you still have the previous owners’ door locks? Can any new homeowner really even feel comfortable when they have no way of knowing who has access to these locks, and when it’s entirely possible that the friends and family of the previous owner—complete strangers to you—may still have a spare set of keys? Protect your home and your family from unwanted intruders by having your locks professionally rekeyed whenever you purchase a new home.
After Losing Keys

Everyone has misplaced their keys at some point or another—it happens to even the best of us. But what happens when the key to your home just mysteriously vanishes, never to be seen again? The most obvious solution inexperienced homeowners turn to is to have another key made. However, practiced homeowners know that sometimes the most obvious solutions aren’t always the best ones. Are you willing to chance a stranger finding your missing keys, and—worst case scenario—making use of them? To prevent any chance of a burglary, call a locksmith to have all of the exterior doors, including the one leading from your home into the garage, rekeyed.
After Keys Stop Working

Door locks and keys—like everything else—don’t last forever, and rightfully so. Over time, the teeth of the key can wear down or accumulate rust, rendering it difficult to use or even completely unable to open its designated lock. One solution would be to simply replace the key, but if the condition of your key has been compromised by the passage of time, it is entirely possible that your lock has also suffered from similar erosion. To ensure effortless accessibility for those with keys, and security against those without, we recommend having your locks rekeyed once every five years.
After a Break-In

If your home has already been the target of a burglary, taking the necessary steps to protect yourself from future invasions by rekeying the locks will not only provide a sense of comfort and security, but also help to subside the feeling of violation caused by the first break-in. In addition, having a professional locksmith appear at your home to upgrade your security system will intimidate any potential intruders, as well as remind neighbors to upgrade their own system.

If you have fallen victim to a burglary, contact Ryan Locksmiths immediately and we will walk you through your options for high grade and pick-resistant security.
After a Break Up

Unfortunately, not all break ups are based on a mutual decision and carried out in a civil manor. In the event of a bad separation or divorce where you retain rights to a previously shared residence, seriously consider rekeying your locks to ensure the safety of both your home and yourself. Human nature can be highly unpredictable, and so proactively avoiding any chancy encounters by denying your ex access to the home when you aren’t there may be the best course of action.

The above scenarios offer excellent examples of valid reasons to have your locks rekeyed. If you or someone close to you has been in one or more of these situations, Ryan Locksmith can help. Call us to schedule a free consultation and estimate today!