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When Should You Change The Locks On Your Home?

When Should You Change The Locks On Your Home?

Think through your routine. What do you consistently do before you go to bed? How about when you head out to run errands, or leave your children with a babysitter? For the safety of your family and your possessions, odds are that somewhere in your routine, you check to make sure your doors are locked. Locks are a vital part of your home’s defense system, but are far too frequently taken for granted. So long as a lock succeeds in keeping a door closed, many people do not give them a second thought. If you fall into this category, it’s time to take a close look at your locks.

Just as it is important to have phone numbers on hand for preferred or recommended plumbers and electricians, you should know where you can find a locksmith in Columbus. Your locks are a part of your home that need just as much (if not more) attention and care as your paint jobs and flooring. A vulnerable lock puts everything else in your otherwise well-maintained home at risk. Because of this, it is imperative that you do not hesitate to call up a locksmith and change your locks as needed. Here are five times when you need to seriously consider replacing the locks on your home.

Loss of a Key

If you or someone in your family loses a key to your home, it’s time to replace the locks. There’s simply no way of knowing where your key could have ended up, and who might now have easy access to your home. If your lost key does turn up outside of your home, you should still change the locks, as your key may have been copied.

A New Home

One of the first things you should do upon moving into a new home is to get new locks. Over time, keys tend to be passed around to different family members, friends, and neighbors. The previous occupants may have lost a key. Maybe they never got one back from the teenager next door who took care of the cat when the residents were out of town. There’s really no way of knowing whether or not you have every key to your new home, so it’s best to reset and start over.


As amicable as your divorce may or may not be, you should, as a general rule, change your locks. Divorce can be an emotional time, and your possessions have the potential to become a point of contention. To be safe, cut off access to your home.

A Break-In

If someone breaks into your home, or if it appears than an attempt has been made, it’s time to reevaluate your security measures. A major precaution you should take is (you guessed it) a change of locks. Don’t give would-be burglars the advantage of having already been able to study and practice with your locks.

Old or Damaged Locks

Like any part of your home, your locks will wear out over time. Regularly look over your locks to make sure they are secure and in good condition. Old locks can become loose and flimsy, or can get sticky and difficult to turn. You may even find yourself getting locked out by a door that won’t budge! It’s a good idea to replace your locks every few years even if nothing appears to be wrong with them, just in case.

If there is one bit of home maintenance that you definitely don’t want to neglect, it’s taking care of your locks. Compromised locks leave your home open to damage and theft. If you think your locks might need replacing, call a Locksmith in Columbus as soon as possible. Don’t take chances with the safety of your home, property, and family.

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