Tips For Burglary Prevention

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Tips For Burglary Prevention

Nowadays, homes are larger because families require more space for multiple activities, but big houses also have several entry points which may weaken their security. These weak spots require burglary prevention. At the same time, home invasions thrive because intruders are equipped with great tools and have the experience to detect the weak entry points of each targeted home. Although, people invest a lot on their security and deadbolt installation, there are usually multiple weak points in each house that must be detected by you before experienced thieves find them first.

Check the whole house

Most people have the habit to invest on good front doors ignoring the other entrances. A good front door lock installation is definitely required, but you cannot neglect the fact that windows and the basement entrance may also compromise your safety. Besides, recent studies show that most intruders rarely try to break in from the front door and prefer other darker and weaker points. Hence, you must visit all rooms of your house without forgetting the garage and inspect each door or window. You must check the basement, the back door locks, the windows of every room, and also make sure you have the keys of all locks.

Time for protection

Of course, you must replace broken windows and fix obvious damages, but your work is not confined to these tasks.
• You must test the effectiveness of each lock and keypad, which works with a specific password.
• You should also check the condition of the keys because if they are rusty, they may soon break or won’t fit in the lock. In this case, key replacement must be done at once.
• If you change your existing keys, you should not forget to get duplicates and hide them in safe places. People do not experience only house lockout, but they are also locked in and it would be nice to know that you have more keys around.
• You should not turn your back to new technologies and get great security door locks. They will really enhance your safety. It’s to your benefit to upgrade the system and it’s wise to do lock repair often.
• Sometimes, the enemy is hiding within the house in the form of hazardous drugs and chemicals, which must be kept away from the children and, thus, you should consider good cabinet locks.