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6 Places You Should Lock Up But Probably Don’t

Every night before you go to bed, you probably have a routine: brush your teeth, wash your face, get into your night clothes, check your locks, and hop into bed. That second-to-last step is likely the most important one of all, as it is an essential step to ensuring that your family is totally safe.

Of course, everyone knows the importance of locking your front door, but did you know that there are other pieces of property you should be securing with a lock and key? A locksmith in Columbus can help you add secure and firm locks in many places. The following are 6 things you should really keep locked up for the security of yourself and your family, property, and pets.

1. The Shed

No matter what you keep in there, your shed should be locked up any time you are not using it. You would be surprised what people will steal. Your lawn mower, bicycles, and anything else of even small value that you keep in your shed can easily be stolen. Whether it is attached to your home or a detached, free-standing shed, it is in danger of being broken into. Also, do not trust that having a big dog is the ultimate form of security.

2. A Garage

Your vehicles can easily be accessed at night if you keep them behind a regular garage door. There are ways to lock a garage from the inside at night. If you do not want to deal with the trouble of locking and unlocking the garage every day, then at least secure it when you are on vacation.

3. A Private Office

Tax forms and other important documents should be kept in an office that is secured with a lock and key. When criminals break into homes, they rush to get as many valuables as possible in as short a time as possible. Locking up your office is an obstacle that will prevent them from getting inside, as the time they will lose trying to break through another door prevents them from taking other valuables in open rooms.

4. A Closet Full of Valuables

Speaking of keeping valuables secure and hidden, there should be a secret closet in your home full of your most important objects: family heirlooms, valuable jewelry, etc. Lock up this door and keep the key hidden far away from the door.

5. The Staircase

If you have babies or small children, you might want to keep them away from the staircase before they are old enough to securely hold the railing as they walk up or down. Unfortunately, a simple gate is not always enough to stop a child. They can easily find their way through cheap safety measures. This is the reason that your medications should be kept out of their reach, even if the drugs have a secure lid. Lock up your staircase so that your child could not possibly reach the stairs unsupervised. You might want to keep small, old, or injured pets off the stairs as well, as they can potentially fall and injure themselves.

6. The Master Bedroom

For privacy, intimacy, and extra security, keep the master bedroom locked. It can be a secure place for your family to meet in the event of a home invasion or other emergency. With secure locks, a master bedroom will be almost impenetrable.

Locks keep objects and people safe from invasion, theft, or harm. In today’s world, no one should risk living without them. You would never leave your home or car unlocked and unattended. Why keep the 6 above areas unlocked? Why not hire a locksmith in Columbus to keep these areas safe? For a small fee, you can get a lifetime of security and peace of mind.

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